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Flight 223 to Malta is ready for boarding - Sprachreise 3AS & 3BS

Aktualisiert: 12. Okt. 2023

This year in September, a large part of the 3AS and 3BS accompanied by Prof. Schiel, Prof. Zach-Wieser and Prof. Handelberger went to Malta for 8 days of intensive language and cultural experience.

The trip went smoothly and the transfers on site were an experience in themselves due to driving on the left side in Malta.

All the participants were accommodated in a beautiful hotel, including an infinity pool, where the language lessons also took place in small groups. In addition to the lessons in small groups, the students were able to demonstrate and expand their English skills through practical conversations, e.g. with the hotel receptionists or various delivery service employees.

Although the food was not always up to par with the usual taste of a family meal, the travel group grew together into one big family over the course of the days.

The language trip was a complete success for everybody.


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